Introducing Behind the Sass

So this is it, Sass & Halo’s first blog post! YAY! I’m terrified.
My name is Aoife and I am the proprietor of Sass & Halo, a business venture I began on a complete whim, but that has now become the love of my life (sorry Ben) and takes up every breathing hour of my day. I decided to start this blog as I want to be able to talk in depth about Sass & Halo, our inspirations, a day in the life of running an SME, the struggles along with the achievements, and lots more wonderful things. We opened our doors 1 year ago this month and it just felt right to start our second year keeping y’all more in the loop.
Kathryn & Bridesmaids (photo credit: Paula Gillespie)
I’m going to start it off relatively lightly and just do a quick introduction as to how Sass began throwing in some FAQs that we legit get asked every single day.
Where did you get the idea for Sass & Halo?
Being a fashion management graduate from LCF I have always had a passion for creativity with a business mindset. I tried working under the big dogs in London and it didn’t work for me, I longed to love my job but I just didn’t so I knew I had to go down a different route. A few years ago I was helping arrange my now sister-in-law’s hen party, me and my mammy (hero) decided to make flower crowns for everyone as a keepsake and they went down an absolute storm. It's pretty crazy to look back at these flowercrowns and compare with what we make now, but hey - everyone has got to start somewhere? 
Lots of people got in contact after this and asked if I could make something similar, I started to realise this was a niche in the market and this was something that I LOVED to do. And so, it began... Sass & Halo was born.
Why did you call it Sass & Halo? 
Ok, so this is my least favourite question because it has a terrible answer. I knew I wanted an ampersand symbol, is that an appropriate way to decide the name of a business? Probably not - but that is what I decided first, because I always think they look nice in a logo. Secondly, sassy is one of my favourite words ever. I love and admire anything or anyone that is sassy - so I rolled with it. And finally, halo speaks for itself really. So there you have it, Sass & Halo. I have to say I love our logo and love our name so although the story isnt great I am extra happy with the outcome. 
How long does it take to make a crown?
This is 100% the most asked question by our lovely customers and followers. As much as I would love to give you the answer, I don't have one. Here at Sass we work daily with many different materials and use many different processes to make each crown perfect. We have some fun bits and pieces that could take all of 10 minutes, whilst others take hours or even days to get all the desired elements, qualities and characteristics as good as they can possibly to be. Bridal pieces and more intricate beadwork being the most time consuming of the lot. And that is just manufacturing time, one of looonngessttt things of all, is sourcing the materials and making sure they are exactly what the customer wants. This is something I never really thought about before I started this venture but something that is super important. Time is of the essence when you are self employed and there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction when running your own business. Luckily, we have now built a strong relationship with a range of suppliers who rarely let us down. 
So that's it beautiful people, I hope you found this somewhat interesting and I'm looking forward to giving you more Behind the Sass updates in the future. If you have any questions of your own you want answered, please don't hesitate to ask me. 
Much love, 
Aoife D x